Admission Guide

With respect to medical theory and applications on the neurosurgery, the Society aims to exchange knowledge and ideas and advance and disseminate neurosurgery in coordination and cooperation with members, related academic societies inside and outside Japan, thereby contributing to the development of academic societies of this country. Those interested in signing up are requested to go through the admission procedures by sharing your views with the Society’s objectives.

Procedures up to Admission


Please download the application for admission (doc/20KB)
1. Fill out all the blank space correctly.
2. Ensure to fill in referrals’ (regular member of this Society) name and organization affiliated and affix seals.
3. Encircle (○) the classification of members.
“Junior Resident -1st yr” ”Junior Resident -2nd yr” represents the 1st year or 2nd year in internship.
*The initial training points to a clinical training period (two years upon graduation) for the new physicians prescribed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.


Please send the (original copy) of the completed admission application to the Secretariat.


Please pay the entrance and the initial annual fees to the Society’s account at the post office.

Account name General Incorporated Associations The Japan Neurosurgical Society
Account name (Print in Katakana Characters) シャ)ニホンノウシンケイゲカガッカイ
Account Number 00160-8-153763

The fees are as follows:

Regular member fee ¥19,000
Supporting member fee ¥18,000
Junior Resident’s member fee ¥8,000

The amount of payment includes \3,000 as the entry fee, \1,000 for the branch society fee, and the initial annual fee. Upon payment of the fees, please fill in your name and place of employment. The Society’s fees ranges from January 1 through December 31.


Having acknowledged the arrival of the original form of admission application along with applicable fees, the membership registration will be processed. Upon completion of the registration procedures, the Notice of the Completed Membership Admission will be sent to the designated delivery addresses.

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