NMC 次号予告

Neurologia medico-chirurgica Vol. 63, No.12,December, 2023

Special Topic

  • Characteristics of Changes in Intrathecal Baclofen Dosage Over Time Due to Causative Disease  Y. Kimoto et al.

Original Articles

  • Long-term Patency of Retrograde Bypass Using a Distal Stump of the Parietal Superficial Temporal Artery for Moyamoya Disease  T. Shimizu et al.
  • Lateral Lumber Interbody Fusion within Three-Level for Patients with Neurological Symptoms due to Vertebral Fragility Fractures in the Lumbar Spine  Y. Nagashima et al.
  • Evaluation of venous structures involved in transsylvian approach using 3D rotational venography  Y. Ito et al.
  • Clinical significance of stiffness during endoscopic surgery for intracerebral hemorrhage: A retrospective study  K. Kishida et al.


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